Simple Nail Art Ideas for Perfect Manicure

Nowadays ratio of working women are increasing gradually across most of the cities in India as well as globally. They usually like to have regular beauty treatment from a  popular professional salon to beautify their look. Beauty care salon offers huge set of activities depending on various body parts. Such as hair treatments are done with various hair styles. Facials are done for making glow on face skin.

Similarly beauty treatment for hands called manicure. It includes various techniques to beautify your hands, nail art is major part of manicure treatment. It improves the look of your nails, which makes the hand stylish. Here are few simple and popular steps to make awesome nail art at home in just few minutes.

-Use regular gel pen  for drawing a simple art
-Make simple polka dots on nails with the tip of a bobby pin
-Use dot grid trick in order to paint straight lines
-Make your nail clean-up tool using toothpick and cotton wad
-Make tiny polka dots using band-aid
-Use a mechanical pencil for making tiny dots
-Apply paint over lace or mesh to create any simple design

These are some simple nail art creation tips for beginners. Once you are comfortable with these simple designs creation, you can go ahead for the next level. We, PinkNails can help you on nail art designs creation, our salon is located in Bandra Mumbai.  We have certification from USA and offering world-class nail art to our global clients. Get in touch with us now and avail our unmatched nail care services.