Nail Extensions Acrylic & Gel Skin Salon

Acrylic - No more using of too much files and buffers on the nail paint and making it painful. We work in a very different way. We sculpt acrylic nails for clients as per their requirement. Such as nail biters and non-nail biters, so it looks like natural nails.

Acrylic & Gel Skin Salon

Gel - we sculpt gel nails for the clients too, Gel nails are clear nails. We also add various glitters like gold, silver etc to gel nails to make them more flashy.

The most critical decision is to find a really good nail professional. Your search ends at Pink Nails Pink Skin Salon because we believe that nails are a very important part of your body. And today’s enhancement materials are safe when used correctly. We think carefully and choose wisely. We've always wished hard to win hands down and have the world at our feet. But have we ever imagined how much wear and tear our limbs go through in the process? It now appears that after putting their hands and feet to good use-literally and figuratively -Mumbai is appreciating them.

So, it isn't surprising that at every little turn there are places like Pink nails Spa that offers everything from nail art and acrylic nails to manicures and pedicures. No longer limited to special occasions, wellness of hands and feet is finding its takers across all age groups. If young girls want those irresistible, glossy nails with pretty designs on their extensions, older women indulge their weary hands with rose and wine manicures.