Cupping Therapy Benefits and How PinkNails Specializes On This Massage

Nowadays cupping therapy is very popular globally and in India as well, most of the beauty parlors across the country are providing cupping therapy to their customers. At PinkNails, we are expert in cupping therapy and providing this massage to our valuable customers from long while. PinkNails specializes in cupping therapy and proud to say that we are USA certified. Let me explain what is cupping therapy and what are its possible health benefits.

This therapy is a kind of alternative medicine. Cupping therapy has its origin in Chinese traditional medicine. In this therapy cum massage process, small and often heated cups are placed on the body areas where we need to massage. These cups creates a partial vacuum inside it and lifted after few minutes. While lifting from body, these cups sucks disease causing fluids with them. It results localized healing. This whole process is called cupping therapy or massage. It has really so much health benefits. Most of the celebrities like Justin Bieber, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston etc follow this therapy regularly.

Cupping therapy is also a effective pain reliever and improves energy level of whole body. Now therapist also recommend it for anti-ageing. Facial cupping is used at face for getting natural glow on face skin, this come under cosmetic cupping services. Get in touch with us asap to know more about cupping therapy. We offer this service at our salon in Bandra, Mumbai on very reasonable rates. Our customers have got amazing and quick health benefits after getting this treatment, now it’s your turn to go for it.